The Importance of Colour in Design

The Importance of Colour in Design

There’s no denying that colours play an important role in our everyday lives. From enjoying the view at a relaxing sunset to the fast lights at a theme park or amusements, colours are everywhere and can massively affect your day and how you feel. Without knowing, the colour of something can make a difference to the way you feel about it or how your brain interpretations it. Hence why we are addressing the importance of colour in design today.

Showing Your True Colours

Let’s use Promain as an example, their paint products come in all colours and shades to suit all customers needs. But why? What would be the difference between a Maize Yellow and a Daffodil Yellow? The end result. If you look closely at any two shades, the appear to be very similar to start with but with a close look you can see that the Maize Yellow is the darker of the two. To just look at the shades you can see how the darker one may appear more suitable to certain users whereas others may be more inclined to get the brighter of the two.

No matter if you’re choosing colours for your bedroom wall or the branding of your website, thinking about the end user is key. Things you will need to consider when choosing colours for your business’s needs include:

  • The end user’s needs – how will this affect the relationship/journey of your user
  • How you want the colour to make the users feel
  • What message/mood you are communicating
  • The type of colours you use in your images to reflect on the business
  • Being different against your competitors

Expert Advice

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