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SGSS Design offers website design services in Crowborough and the surrounding areas of East Sussex. We actually provide these services to clients throughout the UK but our base and many of our clients are in Crowborough. We build all kinds of websites from small information sites large and small, to content managed sites that clients can run themselves including e-commerce for selling online.

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Website Planning

Planning of a website is key. It is just like any other project we undertake whether it is designing a brochure, a new identity or a leaflet. Understanding the requirements and aims you have for your website and how it fits with your business and marketing efforts comes before any design work begins. Targeting your website geographically to Crowborough, the East Sussex area or wider needs to be defined. As you can probably guess from reading these web pages they are targeted to Crowborough and East Sussex.

First impressions count

We understand that first impressions count, and when it comes to your website they have to count very quickly. Today, more than ever, potential customers will search online for your services. When they do this they are presented with a huge option of potential suppliers sites they can visit. Faced with this choice they won’t spend long deciding if a site they do visit is offering the right service or information and also gives them enough confidence that it is worth investing some time looking at it.

Responsive website design

People will search for services online in many different situations. They maybe in an office working on a desktop PC at a dining table or on the sofa at home using a laptop, on a train or a café using a tablet or smartphone. Your website must work on all these devices and this is called responsive design, your site should resize and restructure to suit whichever device it is being viewed on.

Responsive Website Design
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The right design

Our background is in graphic design and we have many years experience producing everything from logo and corporate identity, sales literature, exhibition material, advertising etc. We use the same basic principles for our online design work. Larger companies usually have a very clear strategy for marketing and how their content is used. Colours, images, and logos are part of an overall scheme that goes through both online and offline marketing, but they are important considerations for small businesses, clubs and individuals too who may not have marketing teams or experts on hand. We work closely with our clients throughout the Crowborough and surrounding areas of East Sussex to produce a site plan before the build starts.

WordPress websites

Many of the websites we build today are based on the WordPress platform. If you have a need to edit and update your website WordPress is a reliable content management system and much more besides.

WordPress is very versatile and easy to use, you do not need to be an expert to use it. These qualities have made WordPress the largest content management system in the world, used on millions of websites large and small.

Its popularity is down to its ease of use, editing and adding text and images is simple. Adding new pages, products, forms, tables and more is simple with a little instruction and the right plugins. There is a lot of functionality built into WordPress and is supported worldwide by developers building plugins and add-ons to extend the platform and keep it safe.


Wordpress has a blog built into it. It is a useful tool to easily and quickly add news and new content to your website. Combined with the right plugins the blog can be an excellent tool to distribute your content on social media while at the same time generating links to your site.


Selling products online is easier than ever to achieve using WordPress and a plugin such as WooCommerce. Your WordPress site can become a fully functioning shop with many features for controlling stock, special offers, discount coupons etc. WordPress shops can be set up in anyway to suit your business with delivery or collection options or delivery costs based on weight location being delivered to or whether you are selling physical products or virtual products that can be downloaded. Linking the shop to a payment partner such as PayPal will enable you to process payments quickly and securely.

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Wordpress training

As part of any WordPress site build, we can offer training or instructions in how to use the system. The system itself has help files available at a click of a button.

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