Wordpress Website Development

Many of the websites we build today are based on the WordPress platform. If you have a need to edit and update your website WordPress is a reliable content management system and much more besides.

WordPress is very versatile and easy to use, you do not need to be an expert to use it. These qualities have made WordPress the largest content management system in the world, used on millions of websites large and small. There is a lot of functionality built in to WordPress and is supported worldwide by developers building plugins and addons to extend the platform and keep it safe.

Its popularity is down to its ease of use, editing and adding text and images is simple. Even adding new pages, products, forms, news etc. is simple with a little instruction. Integrating the site with social media channels and blogging are easily achieved.

Wordpress website production
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Responsive Design

When building a website you need to consider what your audience will be using to view your site; a desktop computer, tablet or mobiles phone. A website using responsive design will adapt and restructure your website to suit any device. This ensures the same content is delivered to a smartphone as is to a desktop or laptop computer. Google too deems a responsive site as best practice. Sites searched for on a device they are not optimised for may not rank as highly and appear further down the results. Google also says that over 60% of mobile phone uses will leave a site that is not optimised for it.

WordPress website are responsive as long as the theme is correctly set up.

Wordpress website for village garage
Wordpress website design and hosting

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO covers all aspects of a website, from the page content, how the site is optimised, using responsive design, labelling images etc. There is also hidden elements that are not visible on the site, but used by search engines to rank a website. SEO plugins are used on WordPress sites make sure the page titles and metatags are as they should be. External services like Google Analytics are useful to see how a website is performing by monitoring traffic and where it is coming from.