Website Design

Planning of a website is key. I treat it like any other project I undertake whether it is designing a brochure, a new identity or an advert. The design starts off-line so that the concept and design are produced without being distracted by the technicalities of the build.

Understanding the requirements and aims of the website and how it fits with a business and marketing efforts comes before any design work begins.


All sites I build are based on the WordPress platform, including this one. WordPress is the most popular content management system and much more besides, it is used on millions of websites large and small.

Its popularity is down to its ease of use, editing and adding text and images is simple. Adding new pages, products, forms, tables and more is simple with a little instruction and the right plugins. There is a lot of functionality built into WordPress and is supported worldwide by developers building plugins and add-ons to extend the platform and keep it safe.

WordPress has a blog built into it. It is a useful tool to easily and quickly add news and new content to your website. Combined with the right plugins the blog can be an excellent tool to distribute your content on social media.

Graphic Designer in Crowborough

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