Children’s Book Design and Illustration

Amadeus and the Sea Dragon children's book

An interesting project came to us recently. A client once based in Tunbridge Wells but now in Dorset had an idea for a new children’s book. Running a successful Bed & Breakfast hotel they had written a short story for guests staying with young children. The story had the potential to be developed into a book but needed to be designed, illustrated and produced.

The first job was to design the characters featured in the book. A rough design came next with font style and sizes chosen. That enabled us to work out how many pages the book would be and cost the print production.
The illustrations are hand-drawn, initially, and then scanned. Working over the sketches the illustrations are worked up in Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is vector software, the images produced are very practical, easily amended and can be scaled to any size without loss of quality.

The story is centred on creatures that lived on the Jurrasic Coast and the book is available to buy from tourist attractions in the area. It is also available to buy through a website we have produced about the book. The website uses WordPress, a content management system, and WooCommerce an e-commerce plugin.

WooCommerce integrates with WordPress, it is very flexible with multiple configurations for products, shipping and payment options. WooCommerce gives shop owners control over taxes, stock levels and customer accounts.
Visit the Amadeus Ammonite website

Amadeus and the Sea Dragon, children's book illustration

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