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Chris Snowdon Racing has been a client of mine for many years. They are a business that builds, restores and prepares cars for racing. They have a speciality in Alfa Romeo transaxle cars, particularly the GTV6.

Having built and raced numerous Alfa Romeos for many years, the experience they have is invaluable. They know these cars inside out having restored and recommissioned some ex-works cars to original specification. They build cars to meet historic racing regulations, and they often race at prestigious events such as the Goodwood Members Meeting.

Parts used to build these old cars are not readily available. CSR has remanufactured many of the parts they use. These parts have been developed over many years of on-track use.

With the new parts website we have developed, owners of Transaxle Alfa Romeos can now buy these parts. Built to the same style as the existing site, the parts site uses the WordPress platform. WordPress has many of the tools available that would be essential for displaying and marketing the parts.

Woocommerce, an e-commerce plugin for WordPress, is used to manage the parts. Categories, descriptions, prices etc. are all handled by the plugin. The specialist nature of the parts means that, in general, advice and recommendations are required before completing a purchase. So the site uses an enquiry basket rather than a basket that then leads to a checkout. An enquiry basket is a form that submits the product details together with information about the car. CSR can then contact the customer to offer advice and take payment manually.

The site includes a section about some cars that CSR have built and raced. It helps to demonstrate the experience CSR has. Some are ex-works cars with great provenance and value. Others are replicas built to exacting standards.

On completion of the site build, a visual guide to how to use the main features was produced. CSR themselves now add products to the site as new ones are developed. Sharing tools, added to WordPress, make it easy to promote the products to social media platforms.


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