Hello Big Cat

Big Cat illustration shown on a 'missing cat' style poster

Introducing Big Cat and a little bit of fun when shopping for valves, switches and gauges!

Big Cat or at least a cat illustration, had been part of the PVL marketing arsenal for years. The Big Catalogue of valves, switches and gauges may not be the most stimulating of reads but a cheeky cat can make most people smile while they do.

I developed a new Big Cat illustration style and produced a series of images. Some were used to illustrate PVL’s core sectors of level, pressure, vacuum and flow. Other illustrations showed Big Cat peeking, hiding, sleeping, and generally being mischievous. These were hidden throughout the 64-page catalogue as part of a competition. Find how many times he appears throughout the catalogue and you can win a prize.

The Big Cat catalogue cover showing Big Cat as part of the header
Graphic Designer in Crowborough

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