The 100% Club Website Rebuild

The 100% website home page

I was recommended to Deborah Gilshan when she was experiencing problems finalising a website project. The website is for The 100% Club, a networking group for women founded by Deborah in 2014.

Although Deborah was happy with the design of her website, for various reasons, the final steps were proving impossible to take. She also required a video on the site that the original developer could not include.

The starting point was to assess the website, and the system it was built on. The conclusion was it would be easier to rebuild, what is a very small site, on the WordPress platform. Using WordPress it would also be easier to maintain the website in future.

Using a plugin called Elementor, it was possible to replicate the design already approved. Most WordPress sites are based on a theme, the theme controls certain elements of the design. But using Elementor a site can be built from scratch and with complete design control. 

First, the existing pages were rebuilt. Then the opportunity was taken to improve the presentation of the Milestones page. The video that Deborah required was embedded in a newly created testimonials page.

Testimonials Video

Deborah required some video editing. Several short video clips had been shot of members sharing what they like about the club. The clips were compiled into a single video using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects software. Opening and closing animated graphics were produced to introduce the video and the club’s branding. The video is streamed via a YouTube channel, set up specifically for The 100% Club.

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Icon designs for the 100 Percent Club website
Three icons designed for the website home page.


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