Using WordPress for Online Entry Forms

Online entry forms using Wordpress

We were contacted by the Woolbridge Motor Club after some of their members had used another website we produced to enter an event. They thought the system worked so well that they should do the same. They already had an extensive website built using Serif, but this system is no longer supported. To include the online entry forms we installed WordPress to run alongside the existing website. The system is being developed to incorporate all their Trials and Hillclimb events and also their membership applications.
The system uses a plugin for WordPress that enables us to set up their forms online. The system notifies the club when an entry has been submitted. The confirmation email includes a PDF of the completed form formatted for them to print out. Payment is taken using PayPal as the payment gateway. We recommended the installation of a secure certificate on their server. Although the critical information for payments is handled by PayPal, away from the site, it still takes personal details. Running the site on the secure level means (https) means these details are encrypted between the user and the website server and cannot be hacked.

“The hillclimb entry form is proving a big success, the only comment I’ve seen is someone saying it was so easy he thought he must have missed something. Only on the website less than 2 days and over 30 entries each day.”

See the Woolbridge Online Entry System


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