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International makeup artist Mary Jane Frost needed her website updated. Her existing website was several years old, did not easily update and looked dated in a very modern and vibrant industry. Mary Jane is very active on social media, particularly Instagram and YouTube. We have incorporated, into this WordPress based site, live social media feeds from both platforms. It enables Mary Jane to upload her latest work as she does it and have it appear instantly on the website.
A fast-paced video showing lots of examples of Mary Jane’s work had been produced and it has been used as a dynamic introduction to the website. The introduction video loads from YouTube as does a number of demonstration videos used on the site.
The website utilises a single page design. Viewers scroll from section to section rather than page to page. The site navigation is very simple and does not contain any text. The options are ‘i’ for information, Mary Jane’s biography, a menu icon that opens contact information and a number of social media link icons.
Below the introduction video is a section that loads horizontally scrolling live feeds from Instagram and videos from YouTube.
The rest of the site is made from a number of horizontally scrolling images in sections for Covers, Beaty, Advertising and Fashion. The content of each section is made up of posts on the site’s blog. Posts are very easily added and by assigning a post to a category it will automatically appear in the correct section on the website.
Mary Jane Frost Website


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